Website Terms of Use

a) Use of data

Anyone who uses data, information, downloads or has access to the exclusive area of members, must follow the following rules:

  1. Data, information: The user who makes use of data or information from the Campos Gerais Hotel and Gastronomy Business Union website ( ) must cite the source and, if necessary, include the website address in the integrates.

  2. Downloads: All downloads cannot be altered as to their origin, name, data and cannot be edited without document authorization via e-mail, and the person may suffer sanctions under copyright law (No. 9,610/98).

  3. News: The news on the site may be reproduced, as long as its origin and author is mentioned, which may be “from the press offices”, “ascom CG CVB” or the responsible journalist.

  4. Exclusive area to members: All content in the restricted area is exclusive to members and its reproduction to third parties without direct association with the company is strictly prohibited, which may result in exclusion from access to the area.

  5. Other available data: Other available data, such as texts, images and videos can be reproduced, as long as the source is mentioned.