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The Ponta Grossa Campos Gerais Convention & Visitors Bureau promotes the "Destino Campos Gerais do Paraná" in order to increase the flow of people to the Region and offer all the information to visitors.

For event organizers, the tourist entity supports the organization and seeks, through its members, to generate business for the entire tourist trade, supporting the organization and capture of events.

Among its actions are:


  • Coordination of the calendar of events in the Region. For members, the calendar with the number of participants and the organizer's contact is sent;

  • Event capture;

  • Generation of business and opportunities for the entire tourism production chain, such as workshops, lectures and road shows;

  • Promotion of the "Campos Gerais do Paraná destination";

  • Organization of information and database on the tourism trade in Campos Gerais do Paraná;

  • Support to awareness and tourism promotion campaigns;

  • Support to events in partnership with the entity that move the tourist trade;

  • Disclosure of events supported by the entity;

  • Possibility of early contact with event organizers through the Business Agenda;

  • As a member there is exposure of the company's brand and information in some of the entity's materials.

Learn more about the benefits of joining the Ponta Grossa Campos Gerais Convention & Visitors Bureau:

We support your event!

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