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The Tourism Ambassadors Project of Campos Gerais of Paraná, developed by Ponta Grossa Campos Gerais Convention & Visitors Bureau, Commercial, Business and Industrial Association of Ponta Grossa, Tourism Development Agency of Campos Gerais, Brazilian Support System for Micro and Small Businesses and Ponta Grossa Municipal Tourism Foundation, seeks to honor and encourage entities, researchers, teachers, students and participants in technical-scientific activities to capture the event present in the region.

The Campos Gerais region of Paraná stands out in several event segments, mainly in activities related to agribusiness, the dairy and industrial chain.

During the year, Ponta Grossa and region receive more than 30 events of this type, which impacts the local economy in more than R$10 million annually.

List of the Ambassadors of Tourism the Campos Gerais of Paraná in its first edition

Events category

Adib Nastas by Motoferas;


Castrolanda - Agroindustrial Cooperative by Agroleite;


Douglas Taques Fonseca for the South Brazilian Meeting of Antique Cars;


Edilson Corte at the 30th National Rotating Sheep Fair (Fenovinos);


Eros de Freitas for the South-Brazilian Meeting of Antique Cars and Easy Road;


Iran Taques for the Scorpions Show in 2008;


João Luiz Kovaleskii for the VI Brazilian Congress on Production;


José Fernando de Paula for the 22nd National Rotating Sheep Fair (Fenovinos);


Marcos Antônio Kastl for the XXIV Games of the Accountants of Paraná;


Marilisa do Rocio Oliveira receiving in memory of Sérgio Escorsim at the International Administration Congress;


Osmar Rickli for the 1st Festival of Tortas de Carambeí;


Prof. Dr. Rosemari Monteiro Castilho Foggiatto Silveira by the V National Symposium on Science and Technology Education (Sinect);


Ricardo Ayub for the Brazilian Congress on Minimum Processing and Post-Harvest of Fruits, Flowers and Vegetables;


Rildo Leonardi receiving for the Carnival of Tibagi.


personality category


Aldo Carvalho for his representativeness in tourism, with extensive performance by Sebrae, Paraná Turismo and one of the creators of the Tourism Quality Seal, a national reference;


Darci Piana for the representation of Paraná's tourism at the national level and also for the actions of the Fecomércio Sesc Senac System in Paraná's tourism;


Douglas Costa for the creation of the Ponta Grossa Campos Gerais Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Tourism Development Agency of Campos Gerais;


Eldo Ramos Bortolini former president of the Convention Bureau and first president of FUMTUR, whose main legacy was the creation of the Incentive Law for Events with Great Tourist Flow in Ponta Grossa (No. 12.066/14);


Joel Franzim Junior for the support of Sebrae Regional Center for sectorial events, such as the Campos Gerais do Paraná Tourism Salon and the creation of the Campos Gerais Collection;


Júnior Durski: A businessman of international prominence, he contributes to the development of tourism in the region and promotes the name of the city of PG. Highlight for investments in the press trip action carried out by the Municipal Tourism Foundation and the Campos Gerais Tourism Salon, in 2017.


Luciano Salamacha for the creation of the Ponta Grossa Campos Gerais Convention & Visitors Bureau and for always talking about Ponta Grossa throughout Brazil, where he stands out as a speaker, professor and business consultant


Mayor Marcelo Rangel: In 2013, he was the first mayor of Ponta Grossa to elevate tourism to the status of a municipal foundation, dedicated exclusively to thinking and investing in public policies for Ponta Grossa Tourism, winning regular flights at Sant' Airport Ana, and the sanction of the Tourism Law 12.066/2014.


Prof. Dr. Jasmine Cardozo Moreira for her representative performance at the Academy at the International level for the Development of Research in Tourism in Brazil and the World Council for Sustainable Tourism;


Prof. Drª Márcia Dropa for participating in the pro-tourism commission and creating the tourism course at the State University of Ponta Grossa;


Federal Deputy Sandro Alex: For the political support for tourism in Campos Gerais, highlighting the work with the municipal administration in adapting to the Comandante Antônio Amilton Beraldo Municipal Airport, the Sant'Ana Airport.


Wilson de Oliveira creator of the Ponta Grossa Campos Gerais Convention & Visitors Bureau.



Success Case Category


Heinz Ewvert for Witmarsum Colony



Tourism Investment Category


Álvaro Luiz Scheffer (Águia Group) for Buraco do Padre. Grupo Águia invested in infrastructure suitable for tourists, properly designed with accessibility, an example for Brazil. Currently, one of the most visited tourist sites in the region;


Castrolanda - Agroindustrial Cooperative by the Castrolanda Cultural Center. The investment in tourist attraction made the place a reference in Dutch culture in the region;


Dick Carlos de Geus for the Parque Histórico de Carambeí. The investment made the place the main cultural tourist attraction in the region;


Frederica Boot Dykstra by Frederica's Koffiehuis, a reference in gastronomy in the Campos Gerais region by transforming a pie into a tourist-gastronomic experience;


Gert Dewulf and Aneelen Dewulf for Adega Porto Brazos, a place that transformed Ponta Grossa rural tourism by the excellence of blackberry cultivation, with a complete chain that encompasses planting, processing and the final product;


Lúcia Arnt Ramos for Itaytyba Ecoturismo, an enterprise located in Tibagi that has become a state reference for ecotourism, with several recognitions in the sector.

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