Princesa dos Campos Express

Princesa dos Campos Express: traveling for 80 years with friends

Family business genuinely from Paraná, with headquarters in Ponta Grossa, Princesa dos Campos, over eight decades, built a respectable curriculum, full of achievements, overcoming and countless plans for the future.

From dirt roads, where passengers helped push buses to toll roads today, the Princess overcame challenges in the face of the most diverse political and economic scenarios in the country and the world, keeping up with administrative trends and always becoming professional.

With that north, the Princess was expanding more and more. After conquering Paraná and the West of Santa Catarina, he went on longer trips. Today, through Cantelle, a company of the group, it travels 2,400 kilometers per trip, crossing seven states, from Cruz Alta, in Rio Grande do Sul to Barreiras, in Bahia. In addition to incorporating other companies, Princesa also expanded its service provision with the implementation of metropolitan lines and the growth of the parcel transport sector.

The company inaugurated a new administrative phase, when the executive Florisvaldo Hudinik assumed the presidency of the Princess, with the appointment of the new directors: Alexandre Gulin, in the position of Commercial Director of Tickets and Orders; Felipe Busnardo Gulin, as Controlling Director, who joined the board along with Mirian Baron Mussi, vice-president and Administrative Director.

Always conserving the innovative spirit, the Princess has intensified investments in technology. One focus of this bet is telemetry on all vehicles in the fleet, bringing more and more tools for fleet management.

Another example is the modernization of the Call Center (0800-42-1000), further optimizing the information service and purchasing tickets over the phone. The possibility of purchasing tickets over the Internet has gained the reinforcement of electronic check-in at bus stations, on totems installed in the main terminals. This makes the customer's life easier and prevents them from wasting time in queues.

The adoption of a work policy aimed at valuing the human being has been, throughout this trajectory of conquests, one of the most important differentials in the history of Princesa dos Campos. Professionals are the target of continuous improvement programs to develop their full potential in technical and human skills.

           Av. Anita Garibaldi, 861,   Ponta Grossa - State of Paraná

           +55 42 3220-3500



Cooptur is a pioneer in creating a cooperative business structure with its own statute and internal regulations, following the precepts of the World Code of Ethics in Tourism and the principles of Cooperativism.

It has two cultural routes: the Dutch Route and the Slavic-Germanic Route. The first includes the Dutch colonies of Carambeí, Castrolanda and Arapoti. The second passes through the German colonies Witmarsum and Entre Rios, and the Ukrainian colony of Prudentópolis.

In addition to cultural tours, there are also tours of ecotourism, adventure tourism and technical tours called Immersion in Cooperativism, and experiential training, with the objective of experiencing practical cooperativism.

        Avenida dos Pioneiros, 4050, Carambeí - Paraná

           (42) 3231 2241